Guided salmon and steelhead fishing on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua and Chetco



A Fall storm brews over lower Table Rock
If you fish in Oregon, you know how important the rain and snow we receive in the Fall and Winter is to our outstanding fisheries. With heavy rains and swollen rivers come fresh fish from September through May and our snow-capped mountains are the only source of cold water for our salmon and steelhead from June through August.

Here's a "steelhead green" river in good fishing shape shortly after a heavy rain.

Surges of freshwater entering the Pacific Ocean triggers migratory steelhead and salmon to return to their natal streams to spawn. As the river subsides and turns back to its normal "steelhead green" color, the fishing begins to get good.

Please feel free to contact me about weather and river conditions before you make any final decisions on your fishing trip.
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