Guided salmon and steelhead fishing on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua and Chetco

Springer fishing has been HOT in late June - John came out on his day off and had a great time on the upper Rogue River!

John came out for another Springer trip with me on the upper Rogue River. We both live about 15 minutes from the fishing hole so we met up early and got right after it. John hooked a beautiful wild fish in the first hole and after an action packed 10 minute fight, she hit the bottom of the net. We held her out of the water for one photo and released her unharmed; we made sure to hold her head upstream in moderate current and let her swim away under her own strength. Now she'll be able to spawn a new generation of salmon smolt that we'll be able to fish for in 5 years from now!
 A while later we stuck another one, only this time it was a nice chunky hatchery fish!
 Enjoy the BBQ salmon dinners' John!

Very nice job once again buddy, don't do too awful much bragging to Danny!
See you again soon!
Another awesome Springer on the Rogue River!

Last Supper!

John's big wild fish! Sorry for the bad lighting in the picture!

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