Guided salmon and steelhead fishing on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua and Chetco

Fresh Spring Chinook Salmon Continue to Flood Upstream Into the Upper Rogue River - "Rogue River Fishing" - "Spring Chinook Salmon"

Bill and his Son Patrick came out for a 6 hour trip this morning to target some Spring Chinook on the Upper Rogue River with me. We had a handful of solid bites on the day and this nice "Springer" (shown below) was behind one of them.
Patrick set the hook exceptionally well and the fish was hooked deep in the corner of the mouth. Right where it's supposed to be! Although salmon aren't feeding while they're in freshwater, their instinct as a predator tells them to bite our presentations. What happens under water is, the salmon "mouth" or chew on our baits and then try to spit them back out. We're hoping that by then... it's too late for the fish and the angler who is getting bit has already thumbed down and set the hook! You will definitely feel it when a salmon bites...but getting a good hook set is what it takes to get them into the fish box!

Upper Rogue Spring Chinook Salmon continue to be craving eggs. "Back-bouncing" or "Bottom-bouncing" is the method that best gets these fish to the boat. Anglers should expect to learn a "hands on" technique and be ready to set the hook on a split second's notice!

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Patrick is a High School teacher in Portland, Oregon and was glad to be enjoying a relaxing day on the Rogue with his Dad!
Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon continue to have grade A meat for those anglers with an appetite!

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