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South Umpqua Winter Steelhead 1/9/13

Well, if winter steelhead are already showing up in the middle Rogue River that tells me that another great steelhead river, the South Umpqua will be holding good numbers of fish as well. Myself and a couple buddies decided to give it a shot and make the 1 hour long drive on the I5 North, to the land of the Giant steelhead. The Umpqua River, where numerous 20 pound steelhead get caught each year, and even a 30 pounder on occasion, more specifically the South Umpqua.
Similar to the Rogue River, the water has to be at a somewhat fishable level to have a chance at a fish this time of year. The South Umpqua is more times than not dirty due to rain in the area which can scare anglers away but if water levels are right, fish are there, and can be caught in dirty water on this smaller than average steelhead stream. My best days come when the river is running between 1,000 and 1,500 CFS in the stretch that I fish, but can still be fished with confidence at 2,200 CFS. We got this beauty at around 1,900 CFS.
The hour long trip was all worth it as you can see from the chrome bright hatchery winter steelhead we boated after it absolutely hammered the plug I was pulling in front of the boat. The Umpqua River system as a whole is known for NOT having many hatchery fish for anglers to take home but the South Umpqua is definitely your BEST BET to get one due to the hatchery on Canyon Creek. (a tributary of the South Umpqua) The proof is in the hands of the happy angler below who was able to take this beautiful chromer home and put it on the BBQ.
The winter steelhead season on the South Umpqua is a short one running from January to March but anglers come here from far and wide for one good reason. That reason is trophy sized steelhead on their way from the Pacific Ocean up river to spawn.
Pautzke Pro Staffer and good friend Steven Theel of Southern Oregon Fishing with
 a quality South Umpqua hatchery winter steelhead caught fishing with
 Phil Tripp's Guide Service on 1/9/13

The snow was very heavy on the 1/10/13 and we had to be off
 the water by noon in order to get back over the snowy pass!

This chromer was caught pulling plugs with a Chrome Seeker Custom Rod
behind the famous SEVEN FEATHERS CASINO.
The season is only just beginning on the South Umpqua River; don’t let another year go by without having a trophy steelhead to brag about. Book your winter steelhead trip with PTGS today by visiting, sending me an email at or calling me at (541) 613 8754
Thanks and tight lines! See you on the water this season!

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