Guided salmon and steelhead fishing on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua and Chetco

First Middle Rogue Winter Steelhead of 2013

The arrival of the New Year tells me that the first push of fresh winter steelhead have most likely made it to the stretches enjoy fishing during this tricky time of year. When the raging rain waters subside, for me it’s time to begin targeting early winter steelhead on the middle Rogue River just below Grants Pass, Oregon.
Winter steelheading can be tough in January or February especially when you're fishing more than 60 miles inland, simply because the majority of the run hasn't made it that far yet. The handful of fish that we do see this early are migrating very quickly in small pods or alone which makes it a timing game and a very rewarding one when you have any success at all. Most of these early fish are thought to be heading for the Applegate River, a tributary of the Rogue known to be the breeding grounds for some of the largest winter steelhead that migrate up the Rogue River.
Success simply comes from putting the time in on the water in January and or February when the water levels are right; February being the more productive of the two months simply because more fish are beginnig to move through the area. An exceptional day in January or February can be 3 to 5 fish or more with a bit of luck. However, just hooking into one of these chrome bright trophy steelhead makes my day every single time.
Winter steelhead season is a very exciting time of year for me and a lot of other anglers too. If you're interested in fishing for the trophy winter steelhead that this part of the world has to offer then give me a call at (541) 613 8754
Ask me what how the river is looking and how the fishing has been lately!


To add to my dear old' Dad's long list of firsts' while fishing with me, he was the perfect candidate to get the first middle rogue winter steelhead of the season to the boat on the early date of 1/2/2013. This one fell for a properly cured cluster of roe fished under a Thill float on a 9’6” Fenwick bobber rod. Good job Dad you’re the man! Check out this very determined winter steelhead already to Grants Pass by 1/2/13. This fish was a native and was quickly released unharmed to continue her journey upstream to spawn. Thanks and Enjoy!

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