Guided salmon and steelhead fishing on Southern Oregon's Rogue, Umpqua and Chetco


Three limits of Chetco River Winter Steelhead in early January.
Anglers fishing with us must bring a valid Oregon fishing license along with a salmon & steelhead harvest tag.

After deciding to harvest a fish, anglers must immediately mark down the species, location, length, month and day on their salmon & steelhead harvest tags. Your guide will help you with your tag.

Anglers are allowed to harvest 2 fish per day on most rivers. The only exception is the South Fork Coquille River, where anglers can harvest 3 hatchery steelhead per day. Depending on the River and time of year, anglers may or may not be able to harvest wild fish.

Whoever has the rod in their hand at the moment the fish hits the net is the angler who has to tag that fish if keeping it. Once an angler has harvested their limit for the day, he or she can't make another cast until legal light the following day.

It's Your Decision to Practice Catch & Release
You can catch and release as many fish as you can each day. We won't make you keep a fish and we will encourage you to release a fish that is inedible.

If you're planning on buying a license and tag online, do it two weeks prior to your trip.
We recommend getting your license and tag in person.

Licenses & Tags in Southern Oregon:

Coastal: White City
Bi-Mart: Medford, Grants Pass, Brookings & Roseburg
Fishing Hole Fly Shop: Shady Cove
Chetco Outdoor Store: Brookings
Fred Meyer: Medford, Grants Pass, Brookings & Roseburg
Sportsman's Warehouse: Medford, Roseburg, Klamath Falls


A 1 Day License is $19.00 and it includes your harvest tag
 1 to 7 Day Fishing Licenses include Harvest Tags
Children under 12 can get a license for FREE but do still need to buy a Juvenile harvest tag which is only $5.00
Children 12 - 17 need to have both a youth license and a juvenile harvest tag.

Angling License Fees Resident Nonresident
Annual Angling License$38.00 $97.50
Youth Angling License (age 12-17)$10.00$10.00
Senior Citizen Angling License (70 and older, Oregon resident for 5 years) $25.00---
Combined Angling Harvest Tag (Annual)$35.00$55.00
Juvenile Angling Harvest Tag (17 and under)$5.00$5.00
Hatchery Harvest Tag ***$25.00---

1 Day Angling License ****$19.00$19.00
2 Day Angling License ****$34.50$34.50
3 Day Angling License ****$50.50$50.50
4 Day Angling License ****$58.00$58.00
7 Day Angling License ****---$76.50